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Maintenance of a Roof

  Design, Implementation and Maintenance of a Roof If there is a structure that is a very critical part of your house, it is the roof. Your roof is in fact your first defence against stormy weather, winds and even the sun when it shines brightest. It protects you and your loved ones from unexpected […]

Roofing Solutions Against Hurricanes

Roofing Solutions Against Hurricanes   Roofs are the major places which fail first due to hurricanes. For places which are extremely prone to hurricanes, the houses should be constructed in such a manner which enables them to withstand the wind force and pressure, specially the roofs and hurricane winds should not cause any trouble to it. The roofing materials are […]

Roofing Options

Roofing Options to Take Care of Your House Building Needs   Roofing is one of the integral components of tour house building and it is as important as laying down the foundation for your house. Homeowners would tend to look out for roofing options which are cheap and easily available, requires minimum maintenance and lasts […]

Rubber Slate Roofing

  Pros and Cons of Rubber Slate Roofing A rubber roof slate is a much more convenient substitute to a real slate. Rubber was earlier used only for patch work repair on roofs. Only recently has rubber been successfully added to materials used in the purpose of roofing. Rubber from time immemorial has been used […]

Different Roofing Materials

Different Roofing Materials to Choose From A house without a proper roof is as good as staying on the footpath. So choosing an appropriate roofing material is a crucial task. When it comes to choosing a roofing material staying on the right track can be difficult. You have to consider weather conditions throughout a year […]

Roofing Failures

Beware! Roofing Failures May Just Spoil Your Dream House Roofing is a very important aspect of building a house and is as important as a dome is to a temple. But the process is nonetheless carried out by humans and thus can develop a lot of problems due to a variety of reasons. Man made […]

What you need for the perfect roof

Roofing Contractors: Without Whom You Can’t Get that Perfect Roof Building a home isn’t an easy task. It requires great deal of experience and the amount of energy and investment one has to put in is great. Now, the construction part is not just bricks and mortar- it is much more than that. The planning […]

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